Dramatic Painting

March 6, 2009

wild painting

wild painting

Metro card art

Metro card art

These were part of an assignment first year communication design on texture. I was extra dramatic and jumped off tables and chairs to create the paintings. Everyone in the Dorm basement was laughing, I put on an impressive show.

apparently my scanner isn’ big enough to capture the whole painting



  1. you are such a talented painter ! hh i miss my fine art class ..

  2. somehow i wasnt able to leave any comment before. I wanted to say that i really like your JM logo! It looks very asian. lol

  3. Dude, that Metro card painting is off the hook. Looks like something I would def hang on my wall.Got any more like those? And how big is this one anyways?

  4. I made four of them, they are 14×19 i think, on bond paper. I think im gonna make more and add some new flavor to it.

  5. thats pretty cool, i miss my fine art days

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