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Art + Google

December 30, 2009

Recently, on a bus ride home from the school, I was discussing with my roommate how to explore his fine art further Read the rest of this entry ?



December 20, 2009


Anyone taking a design course anywhere knows about the sleepless nights designing and building projects. Read the rest of this entry ?


Re-use Paper Bags as Wrapping Paper

December 20, 2009

Wrapped in its own bag

Every year the news and talk shows  give you a list of ways to be a little more green during the holidays. Read the rest of this entry ?


Gift Ideas for Designers

December 19, 2009

adobe pillows

Rest your head on your favorite application in between projects.

External Drive

Design rule #1 Back up your Back up!


Create your mood board with shots from your own camera.

Template book

Add some 3 dimensional work to your portfolio.

Complete Adobe Suite

The complete adobe design suite, you better have been a good boy or girl this year to get this one.

Pantone mugs

Can’t think of a more appropriate mug for a designer than these Pantone Mugs. We love our coffee!


Hate it or love it, its a great documentary.


Photoshop magnet workspace, good stocking stuffer.


Let the winter break begin

December 18, 2009

Finally the semester is over. No more projects and sleepless nights for a month. Congrats to everyone who survived this semester, it was a doozy. See you next year PK Family.


road HOUSE

December 14, 2009

All my friends know Im obsessed with the show “House” and I watch anything¬† with Hugh Laurie. So it was no surprise to see me buggin out when I saw Hugh Laurie on tonights episode of Family Guy.


Inspiring Photography

December 12, 2009

I was in the Moma last week to see the Tim Burton exhibit Read the rest of this entry ?