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January 15, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was chillin at my friends house and we watched the documentary on Jean-Michelle Basquiat, it changed my view on art again. Since then, I think i’ve watched it 4 more times. I have taken so many art history classes and seen his work before but never really understood until I watched the documentary. I saw this book for sale this morning and I must join my collection. If you haven’t seen his documentary, you should check it out on Netflix (instant)


Gift Ideas for Designers

December 19, 2009

adobe pillows

Rest your head on your favorite application in between projects.

External Drive

Design rule #1 Back up your Back up!


Create your mood board with shots from your own camera.

Template book

Add some 3 dimensional work to your portfolio.

Complete Adobe Suite

The complete adobe design suite, you better have been a good boy or girl this year to get this one.

Pantone mugs

Can’t think of a more appropriate mug for a designer than these Pantone Mugs. We love our coffee!


Hate it or love it, its a great documentary.


Photoshop magnet workspace, good stocking stuffer.


Recently Read

August 14, 2009
Great book for all types of designers

Great book for all types of designers

Last semester one of my professors wanted us to read a book called “What is package design”. We havent touched a book since our professional writing course with the great Dr. Hansen. She assigned this to us right before spring break and wanted to give us a test on the reading when we got back. I went straight to Borders book store to read it and while searching for the book I came across another book called “The Essential Principles of Graphic Design” by Debbie Millman. A few seniors told me that she will be teaching one of my classes next semester and that she is an awesome professor. I also read about her in a couple of design magazines. I read the first few pages of the book and loved it, the next thing I knew I was sitting indian style on the floor of Borders. The book gives an inside look at the process and experience of big name designers and studios. I am pursuing a career in Package design and I find this book very helpful because creative process, research, and a great concept are the keys to producing great work. I think any kind of designer can benefit from reading this book. Unfortunately I also heard that I will not be having Debbie Millman as a professor next semester and I feel cheated because I was looking forward to learning a lot from her. So I guess its a good thing I bought the book.


Currently Reading

August 11, 2009
currently reading

currently reading

I ordered this book a few days before I went on my weekend get away. The purpose of my weekend get away was to take a step back and be in a less distracting, congested environment, and to enjoy the simple pleasures.  The book was on my door step when I returned home. Unfortunately I bought it used from amazon and it did not come with this cover, instead I got one of those plain hardcover grey book clothe versions. I guess the book came in its most simplest form. If you don’t know who John Maeda is you should do a little research. He is inspiring.