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Its been a while

January 15, 2011

My bad, I have neglected my blog for a hot minute. So much has happened since the last time i’ve blogged.

Happy New Year, Merry x-mas, and Happy birthday to me.

My blog was originally created to display my designs but it has evolved into a diary of sorts, so im not gonna fight it anymore.

I guess I will have to make another blog dedicated to my art.

Lets see if I can get back into the swing of things.Enjoy



December 20, 2009


Anyone taking a design course anywhere knows about the sleepless nights designing and building projects. Read the rest of this entry ?


Let the winter break begin

December 18, 2009

Finally the semester is over. No more projects and sleepless nights for a month. Congrats to everyone who survived this semester, it was a doozy. See you next year PK Family.


road HOUSE

December 14, 2009

All my friends know Im obsessed with the show “House” and I watch anything¬† with Hugh Laurie. So it was no surprise to see me buggin out when I saw Hugh Laurie on tonights episode of Family Guy.


Tiger, you idiot

December 9, 2009

The news and newspapers have done a great job of dragging Tiger Woods through the mudd. So im not gonna add to it. But what I wanna know is, why did America think he was different from all the other adultering athletes? Was it because he plays Golf?  lol I just read that Gatorade dropped him from their elite line up of athletes. You got greedy Tiger.


Breakin is coming home

October 27, 2009

I am the first one to say that NYC has the worst bboy competitions. There are many reasons for this, I dont blame NYC or even the people that throw the jam. I traveled across the country to some of the freshest battles such as Freestyle session (long Beach, CA) /Breaklanta (ATL), ground Zero,( Rochester NY)/ city vs City, (Chicago) Bboy olympics, (Boston) Red Bull is bringin it home to the birthplace of Breakin (hip hop).  As you can see from the trailer its gonna be one hell of an event. I think im gonna have to go dust off my track jacket and elbow pads.

the chapters of bboyJoon


A week without Facebook

October 20, 2009
Friends till the end

Friends till the end

Goodmorning, it has not been one full week yet. After the first couple of days you begin to realize you kinda need FB to reach to your homies. But Read the rest of this entry ?